August 22nd, 2003


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On Sunday, I will once again take part in a religious ceremony, after months of absence and increasing guilt. But finally, I shall once again worship Discus, God of Frisbee, in the manner prescribed in ancient times. Ultimate!

There's an annoying TV ad for Smart & Final, with some dinky kid lisping "Get Smart" as the store's name takes up most of the visual field. I find myself unconsciously adding "Shop S-Mart" every time.

Is there nothing Google can't do?

Not only does Google do arithmetic, but it also knows regular, inverse and hyperbolic trig functions. Better yet, it knows fundamental constants and can do conversions.

"speed of light in inches per fortnight" yields:
the speed of light = 1.42767306 × 10^16 inches per fortnight

"mass of earth times (speed of light)^2 in BTU"
mass of Earth times (the speed of light^2) = 5.0891554 × 10^38 BTU

I think Google could easily pass the first couple weeks of an introductory physics class.