September 1st, 2003



urg. I'm up now because I have been feasted on by some blasted representative of the Mosquito family, rendering sleep impossible.
I've also been sneezing all day and feeling somewhat miserable. My nose has been running off and on, which is probably good exercize, but it makes me want to cauterize it with a branding iron.
I had a misadventure as I tried to procure food. Various restaurants were closed for Labor Day (imagine that, they weren't laboring) so I had to go far afield to bring back a shrimp burrito for Rebecca, who slaved away at a kimono for Spirited Away.
Rebecca's twin sister Emily was staying with us earlier in the weekend. She and Obaid are don here attending a wedding. Since it's a traditional Pakistani wedding, that means there's multiple days of festivity. Today, an unexpected festivity occured when Emily's in-laws' house caught on fire. Fortunately, it wasn't too serious, but it cast some chaos into what is already a chaotic event.
I threw a bunch of random crap onto Ebay. Go bid on it.