November 3rd, 2003



After the Halloween Party, Rebecca and I took things pretty slow. I cleaned up the apartment a little bit, set up a couple ebay auctions, and on Sunday went to a sitdown version of Richard's Pulp! game.
As Professor Armitage, I was able to call on strange forces to transform Flash Gordon back from stone to flesh. He had previously been made into stone by a Gorgon that was protecting Il Duce in Rome, but efficacious use of mirrors and tommy guns reduced her to death, though Elliot Ness cut off her head, which came in handy when dealing with Doctor Caligari in the Labyrinth. Fortunately, Professor Armitage's hunch that the Labyrinth was based on THE Labyrinth from Crete paid off, and kept us from being plagued by traps.
That allowed us to break the spell of hypnotism on Captain Marvel (who, with a fake mustache, was leading life as Capitan Marvolo in Rome).
Then we went on to Africa, where we destroyed the phobium mines by causing a volcanic eruption, and used toons to stymie both the people of Mongo and the Martians. And that's where Ness used a rocket propelled Gorgon head to do away with Ayesha. No, none of it made any sense, but it was plenty of good fun. As usual for Pulp!