November 25th, 2003


A minor victory

I won the football pool this week. Thanks to the Giants and their clever, but ill-fated, plan to take that last minute safety and hope to get better field position with an onside kick-off. Those extra two points were needed for Tampa Bay to beat the spread. If the Giants had won, Stuart would have won the money. As it was, there was a three-way tie this week, which was decided by comparing the game's score to what we had entered. The game was 19-13, and I had predicted 20-12. My precognitive powers came to my rescue.
The embarrassing thing is that I'm still in last place overall in the football pool. Which means that I am behind the guy who chooses his picks based on who would win if the team mascots got in a fight.
On the positive side, there's a prize for last place at the end of the season. We'll see whether I can maintain my losing position through the home stretch.

Please accept this Guardian Angel...

EW! So quoth the glurge that showed up in my mail recently. There's a pin with an angel holding a dove enclosed in the envelope along with several pieces of literature asking me for money to help homeless kids in Hollywood, so that "you can be ... a wonderful and precious angel of mercy who is there for them in their time of need."
I also passed by two members of the militant wing of the Salvation Army today.
Now I don't want to appear like a Grinch, so I promise to resolve to send a bit more than usual to my non-religious charities and organizations this year. N