December 9th, 2003


Things could be worse...

Our loan officer may be a fat lazy lying bastard, but things could be worse... Glenn didn't come in to work today because there was a plumbing emergency at his house and he had to go to the clinic to get treated for gout.

Apparently, gout is uncommon in China, the Philippines and other Pacific Islands, but when people from these areas come to America and start eating like your average American, they get gout.

Grotesque Animal of the Day

The marine bloodworm.
Ten to 15 inches long, the bloodworm comes equipped with a proboscis not ordinarily visible. The proboscis is hydrostatically ejected-i.e., water pressure is used to extend it fast the way a paper noisemaker unfurls when blown. At the end of the fleshy red-pink proboscis are four black jaws that resemble in shape the thorns on a rose bush. The jaws at the end of the proboscis grab and bite prey the way four-pronged devices at the end of long poles are used to grasp and to pluck products from the high shelves of a grocery store. In contrast to the clamworm, the bloodworm's jaws are hollow, like syringes, and are used to conduct venom into the prey.