February 9th, 2004


Sunday & Beyond

Picked up the thingummy I won from Aaron on Ebay. Went to the Third Street Promenade. I've been reluctant to face the truth for some time, but it's true... the Promenade is no longer cool. And hasn't been for some time. The death blow has been struck now that Hear Music is closed (for renovation, I hope, even though they are owned by Starbucks) and DOM (or whatever it called itself most recently) is completely gone. I loved that place, even though I barely ever bought anything there. But look how 3rd Street has changed:
Abercrombie & Fitch yes, used clothing stores no.
Barnes & Noble yes, Bayside Books no. (Bayside was pretty crappy, so that's not such a loss)
Barnes & Noble yes, Penny Lane & Pyramid Records no.
Wolfgang Puck yes, Benita's Frites no.

[Holy shit! While trying to find a decent link for Benita's Frites, I discovered that Mo Better Meaty Meat Burgers is closed.]

Anyway, I picked up some shoes at Aldo. Hopefully, they will have broken my feet in before I have to go to Pittcon and walk up and down McCormick Place.

I also trotted into Santa Monica Place, to make sure Khyber Express was still there. The Wizards of the Coast store has stuff at 40-50% off, but there was nothing that grabbed me. All of the RPG stuff was stupid old WotC product. If anyone needs any Catan or Axis&Allies stuff, head there. There was also a place intriguingly called DICE that's going out of business. They had some wacky furniture with dragon themes. It looked like most of the structural elements were metal, but there were some strange ceramic or plastic dragons with a metallish surface used as decorative ornaments. There was a tall round table or stand there that kind of intrigued me. The 7 foot tall erect dragon floor lamp was a bit too much. Aha, I'm pretty sure the lamp is the thing in the lower right here, but I don't see the table. They did have this table also, but I didn't like it as much. The stuff is 75% off at DICE, but they won't be there long.
After that, I hit the neo-FIRM to pick up the famous purple blanket. Bino was starting to get attached to it, so I'm glad he wasn't around. Someday on ebay, 'the blanket that kept Oscar-winning director Aaron Vanek from freezing to death while lying in a drunken stupor in my filthy garage' will help fund my retirement.
Back home, I spent a good amount of time on Miskatonic U while chatting with the Lovecraftians on #cthulhu. I managed to actually provide something of value to the other gents, so that was a success. Then some CSICOP-bashing took place, so I stood up for them. My brain's still percolating, so maybe we'll follow this tangent.
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My sweetie is back home. I picked Becca up at the airport and whisked her home, where the cat dropped its pretense of loving me now that the true object of her bestial lust has returned.

And again I say

What the fuck is wrong with Japanese people? Microsoft will now cater to their creepy desires for "hugging pillows" with prints of young girls on them. Click the Google Images link in the article, and you too can see wholesome otaku accessories like this one.

OK, honestly now... I'm gonna do some work.