March 31st, 2004



Mythos Books just bought ten copies of the Eldritch Quintuplets. Our little book of poetry now has a distribution deal. Or something like that.

David Wynn at Mythos Books is a fine gent. He even published my first Lovecraftian poem, The Ghastlycrumb Ickies. Nevertheless, if you want a copy of the Eldritch Quintuplets, buy it from me because I get more money that way.

It's been a year since the EQ were published. All the talk on alt.horror.cthulhu about small press has been making me think about what the Elegantly Amused Press should do next. I would sort of like to publish my epic werewolf poem (200+ lines). I sent it to Mythic Delirium, and the editor liked it and asked me to send other poems his way, but "Wolfsbane" is just way too damn long.

On the other hand, I don't want Elegantly Amused Press to just be a vanity press for me and Rebecca. Maybe I should try to put together a Lovecraftian poetry collection and open up for poetry submissions. What does the peanut gallery think, assuming it cares?