April 4th, 2004


A day full of death and dismemberment

Yesterday, we got up early and made the weekly new-homeowner trip to Home Depot. It was time to get medieval on more of the plant matter in the yard. Rebecca chose longhandled pruning shears. Useful not only for clipping off inch-and-a-half thick branches and roots, but also for taking off fingers, so a medical examiner can't identify the bodies. Not that I would know that. Anyway, for my weapon, I chose the Black and Decker electric hedge clippers -- 2.4 amps of vegetation chewing current.
Rebecca did quite a number on one of the beds by the garage. The rosebush was cut back and all the other greenery was completely felled. A scorched earth policy, so now there's a mostly clean slate on which to start over. With some help from Rebecca, I attacked the hedge in front that borders the alley. Like most things at our place, it's terribly overgrown, and leaned way out into the alley. It didn't obstruct traffic, but it was pretty hairy. It was also growing upwards, with many little shoots flying up well over my head. I spent a fair amount of time carving it into something more manageable and respectable. Ah, how I love watching leaves and stems and branches flying through the air, and the heady smell of the sap that oozes from the severed limbs. The efficiency of power tools resulted in a situation where we had entirely filled up our trash can with plant matter by 9:30 AM. Usually, it takes us til noon to lay waste to that much vegetation.
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