April 11th, 2004



The bossfella likes to spread holidays around the calendar year, so he gives us Good Friday off. Rebecca took the day off, and we zipped up to Santa Barbara and back in order to hit as many wineries as we could during the daylight hours. We've been there enough times that we now know enough good wineries that we don't have to waste any time on dud wineries. We packed in a whole lot of wine tasting -- probably 30-35 different wines over the course of the day. One of the best places is Los Olivos, where Los Olivos Vineyards and Arthur Earl have tasting rooms right next to each other. We ran down the whole card of 12 wines at Los Olivos and 6 more at Arthur Earl. Sure they're tiny dribbles in a glass, but after 18 of them, you get pretty loaded, so we hit the Sidewalk Cafe for lunch, which was excellent. In the end, we came back with maybe 20 bottles of wine and a membership in the L.O.V. wine club.
The first half of Saturday was spent on house-y things. Rebecca mowed the lawn, while little ole domestic me vacuumed and scrubbed and mopped indoors. Later, we went to see Hellboy, which I enjoyed as mindless fun, but Rebecca didn't care for much. We both agree that it's better than Spiderman. For me, that was enough to tip it into the good category.
From the theater, we picked up some grub at the grocery store and went to Kevin's for poker night. I managed to contribute a great deal of my money to Kevin, perhaps enough to solidify his resolve to quit his job. A fun night, even if I wound up deep in the hole.
Today, a pretty kick-back day. Rebecca found a hidden Easter egg at TJ's, so we scored some free dark chocolate there.