October 12th, 2004


Further fun with Bacon numbers

Hollywood is ridiculously inbred. It's hard to find an actor with a Bacon number higher than 3. Even dead ones. Even long dead ones. Even long dead foreign ones. Try it. Here are some results:

Person with a Bacon Number of 4:
Robb Wolford

People with Bacon Numbers of 3:
Lon Chaney
Max Schreck
Brigitte Helm
Conrad Veidt
Isaac Asimov
Harlan Ellison
Tim Powers
George Clayton Johnson
Bryan Moore
Christian Matzke
Shawn Crosby

People with Bacon Numbers of 2:
Nichelle Nichols (which means everyone in Surge of Power has a Bacon Number no higher than 3; which means I have a genuine Bacon number of 4, if you include my performance in "Cthulhu Wore Tennis Shoes")
Orson Welles
Myrna Loy
Boris Karloff
Zasu Pitts
Cary Grant
Peter Lorre
Charles Laughton
Toshiro Mifune
Ray Bradbury
Shawna Waldron
Dale Snowberger

PS I won the office football pool this week, even with the terrible performance by FAHRv. That's twice in 5 weeks. I'm still at the bottom on overall points, though. I guess my psychic powers run hot and cold.

Christmas present

I think Rebecca and I have just found a joint present for ourselves.

The dilemma: to make aaronjv jealous now, or jealous later?

If I make him jealous now, there's a chance that he can get one for himself & Kirsten (who would be equally, if not more, jealous), since there are still a few left.

If I make him jealous later, he won't be able to get one, and I will have bolstered Aaron's strange idea that I'm cooler than he is.

I guess I'll let him pick his doom, and place the item behind the cut:

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