December 14th, 2004


Manual technique for increasing orgasm frequency in women

At work today, we received an unsolicited fax that drew my attention more than the usual deals on toner and shady stock tips. It was for Clear Passage Therapies, which offers "manual physical therapy" that is "highly effective in increasing orgasm intensity and frequency ... in women". At an amateur level, I consider myself reasonably familiar with certain manual techniques with similar effects, but Clear Passage clearly offers a great deal more. Not only does their therapy lead to better orgasms, but can also cure or alleviate infertility, tinnitis and abdominal pain. What exactly is this therapy?
Apparently, it feels very much like massage, but "calling our work massage is like calling the space shuttle an airplane." Certainly, if they can cure tinnitis through laying on of hands, I'd agree, but I remain skeptical.
Perhaps the best thing about their website is on their Theory page, where they have an admiring reference to the famous Greek physician "Hypocrites". If only more alternative practitioners would make such Freudian slips.