February 15th, 2005


Where am I from?

For the second time in less than a week, someone has denied that I am a Californian based on my speech. We had an appraiser over to look at the house (for a wicked good refi) and he suggested that perhaps I was born in Europe. WTF? Should I start saying 'nucular'? Would that help?

Speaking of home loans...

Homebuyer Income Gap in California grows more than 40% from 2003-2004.

In order to qualify for a loan to buy the median house in California ($470K), one would need an income of $109K. The median household income in the state is $53K, less than half of the needed amount. The 'income gap' is the difference: i.e. $56K.

The Bay Area has the biggest gap at $85K. The Central Valley has the smallest gap at $29K.

Horrifying numbers to juggle with.