March 13th, 2005


Sandman4 - The Wake

Last night was the continuation of the ongoing saga of the Sandman LARP. My overall impressions: I personally had a good time chatting and scheming, the game was by far the least chaotic Sandman game I've been at (faint praise, I know!) and once again it seemed to me that the Endless had way too much power (at least as far as the ultimate point of what the evening was about).

So what was it about? Let Let me 'splain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up.
The game was set at the Wake for one of the Endless who has died. The point of the game was to determine which of the Endless had passed away. In a previous game, a new Endless, Design, had been created. This made things a bit too crowded, hence either one of the Endless had to go, or the whole super-megaverse would have a fatal brain aneurysm.
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real life update

I own an axe.
We finally got tired of the stumps in the backyard. Becca's attempt to rot them away met with only partial surface success, so the only answer was violence. There's an interesting moist wood smell that comes from chopping a stump. After all the practice I got swinging at a stump at basically ground level, I am now well-prepared to take on any worldwide invasion of six-inch tall zombies. I have the perfect swing.

Last week, on my walk at lunchtime, I peered at the LA Times in its little kiosk and scanned the headlines. One of the stories caught my eye for some reason, though I cannot recall what it was now. I took my lengthy walk and then passed by another set of little newspaper stands. Hoping for an update on that story, I looked at the headlines again, but it was exactly the same.

ETA: Oh yeah, jury duty tomorrow.