March 17th, 2005


They're magically delicious

As I left the court building for lunch, I bumped right into the St. Patrick's Day parade on Broadway. The highlight of the parade was the group of bikers wearing big foam leprechaun hats. I also enjoyed the high school band that played that song so likely to bring a tear to the eye of anyone with a drop of Irish blood... myself included; I refer, of course, to the theme from Rocky.
People with obvious Irish ancestry were distinctly in the minority in the parade; like totem animals, they were prominently displayed on fire engines. All in all, I think it's a healthy thing for our multicultural metropolis that the majority of the parade participants and spectators were little brown peoples.

I will have much to say when the trial is over.

ETA: Part of the musical entertainment for the St. Paddy's Day ceremonies was sponsored by O'Doul's. Can anything be more pathetic than a non-alcoholic beer sponsoring a St. Paddy's Day event?