March 24th, 2005


Los Angeles News delayed by 58 years

The 1947 project is offering old Los Angeles news as new news, following along the calendar. The project focusses on murder and mayhem, and offers photos of the crime scenes as they are today. The bloggers responsible also have a justified hatred of those who have covered their Craftsman houses with pink stucco.

Here's a sample of 'accidental horseplay' that went on in the good old days:

Navy vet Fletcher E. Talley Jr., 32, hospitalized twice last year at the VA on Sawtelle for psychiatric reasons, was arrested shortly after midnight on suspicion of assault to commit murder after police were called to his home at 1533 1/2 E. 76th Place.

Talley claimed his recent gunshot wounds (through the right leg above the knee and through the right thumb) were the result of accidental horseplay. His wife Virginia, 33, countered that Talley had ripped off her blouse, tried to strangle her with a light cord and had pulled the phone from the wall. Fletcher admitted he had spent part of the evening dissecting the living room divan with a paring knife, but denied Virginia's claim that he had said "As soon as I finish this, you will be next." Virginia said she then retrieved the gun, hidden in her daughter's room, and fired three times at Fletcher.

Virginia Fletcher was not held.

Death of Death from Sandman 4

For some tiny few that may care - this is the Death of Death scene from the recent Sandman game.

Dramatis Personae
Death, of the Endless
Mr. Ibis, a mortician aka Thoth, Recorder of the Dead
Mr. Jacquel, another mortician aka Anubis, Protector of the Dead
Loki, God of Fire and trickster

A quill pen for Mr. Ibis
Mr. Ibis’ Journal
Death’s Ankh (two identical ones, if possible)
A slab
Embalming tools
A sarcophagus (I wish)

Scene: Ibis and Jacquel’s funeral home
Loki lies, disguised as a dead mortal, upon the slab
Mr. Jacquel attends to the body
Mr. Ibis writes in his daybook, quill pen in hand

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