July 22nd, 2005


Burglarious Entry(*)

We wuz robbed.
Yesterday afternoon, the police got in touch with me and said that a neighbor had reported someone breaking into our house. The police had already been on the scene, and it was clear that things had been stolen. They suggested I might want to drop round the house and see what was gone, make a list and offer it to the fuzz.
So I ditched work and came home. I am astonished that the burglars apparently used the kitchen window to get in. It's I-dunno how far off the ground, and it faces right onto the alley, where the mechanics at the gas station or the rotund customers of Church's Chicken could easily see them. I talked to the guys at the gas station, and they didn't see them enter, but saw them run away when the police arrived. Sounds like it was two kids/teens - a boy and a girl.
I went back in and poked around some more. The cat was slightly traumatized, hiding in the closet, mewling piteously, but she was pretty easily comforted. The police had dusted the kitchen window and the back door (where the burglars left, presumably) but I don't think they got any decent prints. Anyway, the little punks took stuff of interest to little punks & compact valuables:

PS2 + several games (they clearly have no taste, as they left Prince of Persia behind)
The digital camera
Virtually all of Rebecca's jewelry, including a few pieces handed down in her family.
Oh, and our pillowcases for holding the loot.

Jerks. Obviously, it's the jewelry that's the real pisser. Where could one find another Borgia Necklace? Not only is it a family heirloom, but the pendant has a catch revealing a secret compartment on the bottom wherein one can conceal iocaine powder or other deadly poison. A possible answer to my rhetorical question is "a pawn shop", so we may visit a few this weekend, as the police have also promised to do.

Rebecca also came home to survey our remaining belongings and together we took our list to the police. They seem to feel that they got good descriptions of the perps, so hopefully something useful will come of this. If not, we have more items to add to the wedding registry.

Although I never wanted my hypothesis to be tested, I am vindicated in my supposition that common thieves really have no appreciation for an excellent library. But really, these kids were clearly just little punks, with little idea of value. They spent plenty of effort removing the PS2 with all its cables, but ignored Becca's brand-new laptop sitting around on a table.

(*) See, it's a pun(**). It's an LJ entry about burglary, and the burglars had to make entry into our house. No, I assure you that I am not laughing either.

(**) Or perhaps a double-entendre.

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