December 4th, 2005



Sigh. We are down to zero cars now. Rebecca's is still in the shop (though due to be paroled soon for good behavior) and on Friday, my check engine light came on, shortly after the car started exhibiting some unusually frisky behavior while idling. I took it in to the dealer on Saturday morning and they tell me that I must've blown the car's head gasket. And the car didn't even buy me dinner or flowers...
Everything's closed on Sunday, so it looks like Monday will be an interesting cross-Los Angeles ballet involving two people, two cars and two rental cars. It will be like one of those puzzles with a rowboat, a head of lettuce, a goat and a tiger.

To try to take some of the sting out of the bad carma, Rebecca got her birthday present a few hours early. I left little note-clues around the house until she had finally assembled the complete present. Going into more detail might give people the impression that I am sweet and lovable, so I won't go on. I shouldn't mention what the present was where Aaron might hear, but the most important part (though described as decorative glassware on the customs form) rhymes with Crabsinthe.

After coming back from the dealer on Saturday morning, we did a little yard work. Since our house is located on a mini-black hole, the recent wind caused several tons of leaves to be deposited on our property (and no one else's). We filled up a trash bin with the leaves and branches from the front lawn and the worst leaf-drifts in the back. Fortunately, since the bin was full, that meant we couldn't do any more work in the yard, so we came in.

Today, I've mostly spent in eating and watching football, though I did help put the secular lights up on the house and drilled a hole in the wall for a picture. Since I'm getting rid of the old stereo tuner, I spent a little time testing out my theory of how to digitize audio cassettes. My theory appears to work. Most of the cassettes are just junk that I haven't listened to in ages, but there are a few things that needed to be preserved. I'm not sure this is one of them, but for the benefit of posterity, I share it with you all.