February 7th, 2006


Life and LARP

First off, this photo from therrin demonstrates the power of the Jones Soda Holiday pack. You just can't buy advertising like this.

Second off, yesterday I was in charge (as much as anyone can be) of the Enigma meeting. It was another episode of group story writing, which I added a few variations to. I think the photo exercize yielded some interesting results. I ripped some unusual and/or evocative photos off the Net and the were passed around among the writers. You get two minutes to write your story, inspired by the photo, before passing the photo on to the person next to you. Meanwhile, you get someone else's photo and the task is to try to continue your story with inspiration from the next photo. Since the photos were passed around in a circle, it was interesting to hear the stories all use the same images in a different order.
I was dead tired, so I called it quits at 10PM or so. I get to my car, turn the key and the car says, "Ffft-puh". Not much of a death-rattle even. I frantically hailed aaronjv and Prime who together saved my life. The winning move was a call to Tom, who was still at the meeting, and had one of those portable jumpstart battery-things in his car. Lickety-split and I'm in motion again and made it home.
This morning, with dread, I faced the car and lectured it sternly. I guess it didn't take it well, because it gave me the silent treatment when I turned the key. Fortunately, I got a jump from the helpful Hispanic gardners at the gas station, so I was on my way pretty quick. It put some delay in my morning commute, but the car's got a new battery and I hope that's the end of the car's woes.

Wow, this is already getting monstrously long, so I will hide my LARP-geekitude Collapse )

Enigmaversary photos

Enigma's having its 20th anniversary in a week and a half.
It's kinda neat poking through the photos that people have been uploading. Awwww!!

Evil Cookies and Milk!

And for those of you who missed the legendary New Year's Eve/House Warming party: All you need to know. It's actually amazing how Bino spent virtually his entire evening documenting Aaron. You can watch the whole tragedy play itself out.