February 24th, 2006


Not exactly how they intended it

They may not have gotten Intelligent Design into the schoolroom, but the Dover, PA school board has at least managed to succeed in its ultimate goal of damaging the education of its students, by having to fork out $1,000,000 to cover the plaintiffs' legal fees (and a token $1 a piece in damages). Let's hear it for the noble bloodsuckers at Pepper Hamilton, who didn't suck as much blood as they were entitled to.

To put this in perspective, I estimate that the school district has about 2,500 kids in it. So that works out to $400 a head. Looked at yet another way, it doesn't seem so bad. This year's budget for the district was about $36 million, so a million bucks is only a 2.8% drop. It's like going from a B- to a C+. No big deal.