March 17th, 2006


Picture Post

Here's the strangely ironic billboard (or is it just me?). You'll have to click and view bigger to read it.
The Plantation

The grandparents at the Thai restaurant:

From Pittcon, a Varian NMR console from 1961. Imagine 'storing' your NMR spectral data on plotter paper.

A few more photos on flickr, though I will not stoop so low as jason_brez and link to pictures of my cat.


Okay, so I finally did the myheritage What-Celebrity-Do-You-Look-like thing. I think it's Kaye's fault. Though I only have myself to blame for the ugly mugshot I used. Results?

67% Billy Joel, dear lack-of-god.
53% Dostoyevsky
52% Joshua Jackson (What? Who?)
51% Al Pacino
48% Robert Palmer
48% Patrick Stewart
46% Gregory Peck

Not seeing it. Must be one of those new artificial stupidity algorithms.