March 23rd, 2006

atheist teacher

Risible Religious Round-Up

(Creation) scientists have discovered that squids are not alive.

Not new news, but a new study confirms that atheists are America's most distrusted minority. If only atheism could become hip and trendy like homosexuality.

Meanwhile, secular Americans are least likely to approve of torture. Conversely, more than half of American Catholics believe that torture is often or sometimes justified in cases of suspected terrorists. Personally, I would put myself in the rare category, as in "If your name is neither James Bond nor Jack Bauer, then you have no business torturing people on my behalf."

Finally, dear opera-lovers (and -haters), follow along with me on this story: An elementary school music teacher invites Opera Colorado singers to perform at her school. In order to prepare them for opera, she showed her kids 12 minutes of highlights from Faust, which was on a Who's Afraid of Opera? video in her classroom. Later, a parent complains about this devil music, and asks, "Are you not a Christian?"
Guess how the story ends. Go on, guess.
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