March 30th, 2006


The dam breaks, the floodwaters are released

I've been busy at work, which has been cramping my less work-like activities. But the morning's not over and I've unexpectedly sold close to $8,000 worth of stuff at work, so I'm gonna play net-hooky for a bit.

The nominees for the 2006 Larpies are in. Aaron was robbed on not being nominated for best looking male larper, though James Balelo is a shoe-in for the win.
Rebecca and I are still in the running. Her for best-lookin', me for monstrous-lookin'. I'm afraid the dragon has it sewn up. If I saw that at a LARP, I'd crap my pants. Losing to the dragon would be fine with me, since all I did was wear the suit - Andrew deserves all the credit for the monster. The Female award will depend on whether the majority of judges like furries, Xena's, vampires, or whores.
I'm disappointed (but not surprised) that the venue has switched from the Shrine to the Avalon. (And the day has changed, too). But all in all, repeat after me, "it's an honor just to be nominated."

I've been reading Susan Blackmore's book on Consciousness. It never ceases to amaze me how weird the brain is. No one's quite sure what it's doing, but it's very certain that it isn't doing what you think it's doing. She describes the usual critical experiments, like Libet and so on, but I was struck by one that I hadn't heard about that proves that mad scientists are really cool. In short, a split-brain patient was taught to play a game with himself. His left hemisphere and right hemisphere would play "Guess what number I'm thinking of." The left hemisphere would say "Three" and the right hemisphere would point the left hand to cards that said "higher", "lower" or "correct". There's something so very strangely freaky about two players residing inside one head.

Speaking of strangely freaky, I will move on to some reviews. Collapse )