July 18th, 2006


quick update

Becca's cousin. BBQ. Wine.
Civ IV (patch). Poker (loss). Guitar Hero (rock).
Hot. Margaritas. BBQ.
Work. Work. Work. Hot.

Spam du jour:
"towards the hobbit, flinging out their long threads in all directions,
till the air seemed full of waving snares. Bilbo, however, soon slipped
away to a different place. The idea came to him to lead the furious"

Link Round-up

Never give the German Chancellor an uninvited neckrub. Just don't.

Space Invaders with human pixels. Man, those sounds bring back memories.

The KFC Famous Bowl: "It's like throwing up in reverse."

John Notlob says that the innocent victims of Israeli bombings are not morally equivalent to the innocent victims of Hezbollah bombings. See, there's innocent, and then there's innocent. In striking-too-close-to-home news, the grapevine tells me that Rosie Ayoub and her family are currently stuck in Beirut.

What has four legs, four eyes and two mouths that meow in unison?
A) Two furries in heat.
B) This kitten.