December 20th, 2006



Joel Schlosberg announced a Carl Sagan blogathon in memory of this tenth anniversary of Sagan's death.
Dr. Sagan had a varied career that was simultaneously wide and deep. He became a cultural icon with Cosmos in 1980. His face was as well-known as any rock star's, and though he seemed to enjoy the limelight, I'm sure he would have preferred that people remembered the science and wonder he was presenting rather than his hairdo and jacket. For an 11-year-old nerd like me, Cosmos may not have introduced me to physics and astronomy, but it certainly helped to cement that interest.
Apart from the fame of television, Sagan also popularized science through his many books.
Apart from popular science, he was also, of course, a first-rate and productive scientist, particularly in planetary science.
Apart from science, he also dabbled in science fiction with Contact.
Apart from science fiction, he also dabbled in science fraud, and that's the avenue I'll pursue here.

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