April 29th, 2007


The League Sinister

League Sinister was last night. An excellent LARP of second-rate villains trying to make the big time... admission into the League Sinister. There were two vacancies in the League, due to the nobadnik activities of certain superheroes. For what it's worth, the game was set in the 1960's.

I was playing Dr. Eugen Knauer, a Nazi scientist (formerly involved with the Lebensborn project) sometimes known as Dr. Eugenics. With my DNA injection gun, I can temporarily transform my middle aged self into a powerful Aryan Übermensch... or transform my victims with the degenerate DNA of the lesser races, making them feebleminded and weak.

Like all of the villains, I was very busy executing capers to gain prestige. And this necessitated forming teams of villains as well, relying on their particular expertise to navigate the difficulties of the capers. I took part in enough capers that I really don't remember it all, or who was involved on which caper, but here are some highlights.

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