May 11th, 2007


Friday potage

The Amazing Color-Changing Card Trick! They even show you how it's done.

Somethingawful makes movie posters for 'bad' movies as if they were profound masterpieces of cinema. I particularly like the German minimalism in the Criterion DVD art for "Dude, wo ist mein Auto?"

On Wednesday, Nightline broadcast a debate between some Christians and atheists. The Christians stated that they could prove the existence of god without reference to the Bible. They got about twenty seconds into their spiel before they made a reference to the Bible. Anyway, what I actually wanted to mention was that the story on had over a 1000 comments before the show even aired. As of this writing, there are now 5695 comments and going strong. After several days of constant arguing from the comfort of their basements without benefit of showering, both sides have largely devolved into trolls. This is the power of TV united with the internet.