May 11th, 2008


Books Anonymous

notjenschiz & rizwank put together a book group, hosted at swmartin's. Everyone talked about what they were reading, and we brought books to swap. And Scott made cherry ice cream (yay!).

There was plenty of book-talk and subsequent conversation. Almost too much, as it turned out, my internal timer was telling me that Becca was going to eat without me if I didn't get back soon, so I left as things were winding down.

It was interesting to see the different kinds of books everyone brought to the table, so to speak. Prime has a penchant for, what-to-call-them, scientific self-help books. A penchant shared by Riz, who perhaps adds a more economic-oriented twist. Megan was more on the food/health side of self-help with her current reading. Colleenky is a budding policy wonkette, still crushing (as are we all) on Obama. The rest of us leaned toward fiction.

Book Swap Record:

I have Riz's copy of Ivars Peterson's Jungles of Randomness (to be returned)
I have Prime's copy of something or other (no return necessary)

My Bebop manga may have been borrowed by Riz? (to be returned)
My The Discoverers is in the hands of Scott (to be returned)
My Hiding the Elephant is in the hands of Morgan (to be returned)

Crevoscope - When is a game not a game?

Crevoscope professes to be a MMORPG that simulates the evolution/creation debate. I'm still not sure exactly what it is. Other than silly. And of course the game forum has forums for debating evolution/creation.

I'm a second level creationist. And I've joined the Templars.

Sample text:

"You stand on the street corner, warning people of how the devilutionists are trying to deprive your children of faith in their lord. Some people walk by, nodding their approval, others even leave tips. By the end of your talk you notice you got 36$ in tips! You also feel that your speaking has slightly improved."

Disclosure: if you use my link and sign up, I might get fossils if you do well in the game.

Is this silly enough yet?