June 15th, 2008


Marriage License Warning

If any of youse intend to get married, be sure to fill out the marriage license with anal-retentive care.

When Tapanica got married, the county rejected their license because (IIRC) my ZIP code was not written in the ZIP code box, but inside the Street Address box.

Cort&Lesley's license has been rejected because the last two digits of one of the witnesses' ZIPs were smudged. This, despite the fact that both witnesses have the same address.

In order to fix things (so that the honeymoons were not scandalous carnivals of fornication), there is another form, and another fee.

So far 50% of the weddings I've performed have been subject to this innovative and annoying source of government revenue.

Don't let this happen to you.

Yesterday, brunch with dad was very tasty and familial; Rock Band with the usual gang was very rocklish. I think for one song, the band rocked the house on Expert-Expert-Expert-Hard. For a few sets, it was Easy-Easy-Easy-Easy. And it doesn't matter -- it's still good fun. Hmmm.... Scandalous Carnivals of Fornication might make a good band name.

Kenny Hahn

We went for a hike/explore at Kenneth Hahn State Recreational Area. I suppose it's about time we visited it, since it's practically in our backyard. The park has a lot of pretty nice picnic areas and other facilities scattered about (Who knew you could fish for trout and catfish? Not I.) and if you delve a bit further, you can escape the city altogether (apart from the hum of the nearby oil refinery.) A bit hazy for good views, but you can check out some photos.

There is a beautiful field that is the site of the former Baldwin Hills Dam and Reservoir, which broke in 1963, killing 5 and destroying hundreds of homes. More Baldwin Hillsyness from LAist.

And there's this mansion thing off in the oilfields. Anyone know what it is? It seems smack in the middle of the off-limits oilfield land, but it also seems to be well-maintained. Here's an overhead pic (I think). See my pics for a more typical view.