August 19th, 2008


Nibiru! Our facts are based on rumour!

The current Skeptical Inquirer has an article by NASA's David Morrison. It makes one despair. It's mainly a collection of questions (published and unpublished) he's fielded as "Ask an Astrobiologist" relating to Nibiru, the Babylonian planet that will destroy all life on earth. Or it would if it existed.
(Of course, Nibiru is also the name of Ballard's band, which will destroy all life on earth.)

The article more or less starts with sane questions "Hey, I heard about this thing. Is it true?" and slowly descends through kookiness into madness, and ultimately descends into a level of madness only achievable in places like an AOL chatroom devoted to the authenticity and efficacy of the Simonomicon. A sampling (most errors sic):
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