November 20th, 2008


Look! Up in the sky!

Robert tipped us off about the ISS (with shuttle attached) passing overhead. Since the pass was right about the time I get home for work, it was easy to head out into the backyard and watch for it.
From our vantage, it rose straight out of LAX, but distinguished itself by #1 rising pretty rapidly for something that close to the horizon, and #2 no blinky lights. Of course, the ISS really doesn't have a lot of external lighting, it only shines from light reflected from the sun, so it was interesting to see it grow much brighter as it passed toward the zenith and turned more of its shiny side toward us - waxing from a crescent space station to a gibbous space station. As it dipped down the other side it visibly reddened and then foop, I assume it passed into the earth's shadow, because it vanished before it got to the horizon.

There's another bright pass a little after 5pm on Friday for Angelenos. Other folk can enter their location info on Heavens Above and track all sorts of things.

On a related note, does it bother anyone else that that Lincoln MKS ad uses "Space Oddity"?

There's something wrong! Your circuit's dead!