February 12th, 2009


Rollover Birthdays

Happy 200th, Abraham Lincoln!
Happy 200th, Charles Darwin!
Hellish 100th, Dr. Sigmund Rascher, for your unethical research on unwilling concentration camp inmates.
Happy 90th, Beauregard Jackson Pickett Burnside!
Happy 70th (eek), Ray Manzarek!
Happy 40th, Darren Aronofsky!
Happy mumblieth, edgyspice!

In other news, two satellites collided with a relative velocity of about 1 mile per second. More info from the Bad Astronomer.

random songs meme - name it and claim it

Here's lines from ten songs spat up by my wee iPod shuffle; they turned out a bit less random than expected. Identify them for no prize.

1. You're coming to me with that soulful look on your face,
Coming looking like you've never ever done one wrong thing.

2. I wear Mata Hari's dress
the ring of Marie Antoinette
The fairest Helen wore this corset
to a gala Trojan fête

3. And the people bowed and prayed
To the neon god they made

4. Try now we can only lose
And our love become a funeral pyre

5. Wine and women is all I crave
A big legged woman is
gonna carry me to my grave

6. O vunque il guardo io giro,
Le tue vaghe sembianze
Amore in me dipinge:
Il mio pensier si finge
Le più liete speranze;
E nel desio che così
M'empie il petto
Cerco te, chiamo te, spero e sospiro.

7. Oh, he wears long hair and his feet are bare,
They say he's mad as a grizzly bear,
His cares are none and he fears no one,

8. When we are marching in the mud and cold
And when my pack seems more than I can hold
My love for you renews my might
I'm warm again, my pack is light

9. Recollect me darling raise me to your lips
Two undernourished egos four rotating hips
Hold on to me tightly I'm a sliding scale
Can't endure then you can't inhale

10. He shook-a me up, he took me by surprise.
He had a pickup truck, and the devil's eyes.

Via Crazyyog

Lovecraftian O-chem:

Dr. Keziah Armitage, professor of medieval metaphysics at Miskatonic University in Arkham Massachusetts, was exploring an abandoned and nearly forgotten room in the basement of the metaphysics building when she came across a grime-encrusted bottle containing an unknown liquid. Its label had long since decomposed to dust, but the liquid in the bottle was clear and colorless. Curious about is origin, she sent the bottle and its contents to your institute for analysis. She thinks it might be a portion used in unmentionable rites practiced by her ancestor, Keziah Mason, a witch whose trial scandalized Arkham in 1692. Your supervisor thinks it is more likely to be an alcohol or carbonyl compound misplaced by an absent-minded alchemy professor and then forgotten. Your assignment is to find out what family the mysterious liquid belongs to and then identify it."