May 29th, 2009

atheist teacher

A drive-by on "You can lead an atheist to evidence..."

Long awaited by no one is my review of Ray Comfort's You can lead an atheist to evidence, but you can't make him think. But I'll repay the free gift of the book with a review.

The book is primarily made up of material from Comfort's website where he answers questions from e-atheists that troll his site. Presumably, Comfort has included the answers that he thinks redound most to his credit. The level of discourse on both sides is basically internet debate. So to the theists reading this, I well realize that Ray Comfort is not the best apologist for theism.

I'll try to start with something nice. I think Comfort is genuinely concerned that I might spend an eternity of everlasting torment in Hell, and he'd like me to avoid that. Thanks, I appreciate it. But once again, his problem is that the sickness and his proposed cure both come from the same source. Likewise, both are otherwise inaccessible to me.

It doesn't take him long to start threatening. Hell shows up in the second paragraph of the introduction.

Chapter 1 is vaguely on science, and if anything, it's worse than the Atheist Bible.
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