June 18th, 2009


Dependable House Wines (& a house whine)

bellwethr's continuing adventures in lousy French wines from TJ's got me thinking...

What are the dependable cheap-ish wines that you go back to over and over? Post your favorites. Off the top of my head, these are things I go for with a good quality/price ratio at TJ's. Of course, for many of them the price is so low, the quality doesn't have to be that good to get a good ratio...
Some of these have definitely had off-years, but whatever's on the shelf now is acceptable.

Cline Zinfandel
Castoro Cellars Cab
Honeymoon Viognier
Lorca Pinot Noir
Trader Joe's Reserve Petite Verdot (a recent find)
Santa Rita Cab and Reserve Cab
Any of the Domain Ste Michelle sparklers
Piper Sonoma sparkling white

I used to like the Italian wines from D'Aquino Gaetano, but they've been kinda crummy for the past couple years, in my opinion.

There used to be an Australian GSM (grenache, syrah, mourvedre) that I loved, but I haven't seen it in ages.

The good news: the county doesn't think our house has lost that much value.
The bad news: that means they won't be reducing our property taxes.

essentialsaltes' law update

Tomb Raider has gone up some, but I think there's still some Essentialsaltes' Law pressure behind it. It'll go higher. Prince of Persia is now where the greatest pressure is, so it will go up 'a lot'.
Using the converse of Essentialsaltes' Law, the October 1928 Amazing Stories will not go up as much as the other two Amazing Stories.

Old science

From SciAm

50 years ago: "It is well known that theoretical physicists are quite inept in handling experimental apparatus."

150 years ago: "A pernicious excitement to learn and play chess has spread all over the country. ... Why should we regret this? it may be asked. We answer, chess is a mere amusement of a very inferior character, which robs the mind of valuable time that might be devoted to nobler acquirements, while it affords no benefit whatever to the body. Chess has acquired a high reputation as being a means to disipline the mind, but persons engaged in sedentary occupations should never practice this cheerless game..."