June 26th, 2009


Well all I want is to just be free/Live my life the way I wanna be

But more importantly... Sky Saxon of the LA psychedelic band The Seeds passed away yesterday.

And here's a good place to jump off on an interesting Wiki-trail: "In the 1970s, Saxon became a member of the Source Family religious group, a Hollywood Hills commune led by YaHoWha who gave Saxon the names Sunlight and Arlick. In 1998, Saxon orchestrated the release of a 13-CD set of the psychedelic tribal music recorded by the commune's band Yahowha 13 during the 1970s."

Lunch observations

Saw a Little Person at the Burrito Wagon.

Usually, when I walk past the newspaper kiosks, I read the headlines in passing. That was impossible today, as they were empty. Perhaps the newspaper magnates should retain a few reliable hitmen.