July 1st, 2009


Not just Space Brothers, but Gay Space Brothers

Someone in the atheist community went to a Pride Parade (SF?) and ran across an unusual booth with a banner:

No God
No Evolution
Let's welcome our creators from space!

The group is associated with the Raelian Movement, which believes life on earth was started by the Old Ones aliens. You may also remember the Raelians for their (unsupported) claim of having cloned a human being.

Anyway, the booth was for ARAMIS, the Association RAëlienne des MInorités Sexuelles, which supports gay rights in a Raelian fashion. The website's a little wonky, but the masthead graphic does have some sort of subliminal imagery that probably reprograms your brain. Their solution for homophobia is a little strange, too: "ALL TOGETHER, LET`S APOSTATISE!"

Another good link that's been passing around is the story of the group of palaeontologists visiting the Creation Museum.
Reactions varied from defensive hostility: “I’m speechless,” said Derek E.G. Briggs, director of the Peabody Museum of Natural History at Yale, who walked around with crossed arms and a grimace. “It’s rather scary.”
to curiosity: “I’m very curious and fascinated,” Stefan Bengtson, a professor of paleozoology at the Swedish Museum of Natural History, said before the visit, “because we have little of that kind of thing in Sweden.”
But, like the author, I'll let Dr. Sato have the last word: Dr. Sato likened the museum to an amusement park. “I enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed Disneyland,” she said.

Did she enjoy Disneyland?

“Not very much,” she said.

In more personal news, I am saddened that there will not be a fireworks stand within drunken stumbling distance of the house this year. Looks like the nearest will be more of an inebriated stroll away.