August 20th, 2009


The good and bad game

I learned that the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America approved a new statement on sexuality that "recognizes the ministries of congregations which conduct blessings of same-gender relationships and same gender marriages where such marriages are legal ... [and honors] the centrality of family in the life of church and society – all families without differentiation.”


Of course, I heard this from a FB friend who pointed out that a Lutheran church near the conference was righteously destroyed by a conservative tornado at the same time the statement was being approved.


(oh, and Happy Birthday, HPL!)

15 Films

Rules: Don't take too long to think about it. Fifteen films you've seen that will always stick with you. First fifteen you can recall.

1. Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind
2. Delicatessen
3. Amadeus
4. John Carpenter's The Thing
5. Alien
6. Star Wars
7. The Big Lebowski
8. Ghostbusters
9. Auntie Mame
10. M
11. Princess Bride
12. A Clockwork Orange
13. Brazil
14. Raiders of the Lost Ark
15. Tampopo

Not sure that's the list I'd come up with if I spent longer at it, but that's the list I got.