September 8th, 2009


Not Laboring Day

Hung out at ian_tiberius's swanky (yet temporary) digs in the OC on Saturday, and socialized with many folk and spawn. Important conversational notes from the spawn: "I've seen daddy naked." and "Brian is squishy."

Sunday, we had people over for poker and Rock Band. I triumphed at poker & sang Spinal Tap's "Big Bottom". Monday, I lay around and read. Great weekend.

Separation of Church & State.... Kentucky Style

First off, Kentucky is appealling the decision to fire Almighty God from the state's homeland security organization.

Elsewhere, a high school football coach takes some of the team out for a free steak dinner and baptism at the school superintendent's church. This is okay since it was voluntary and another coach paid for the gas for the schoolbus.

But my favorite part is... The church's pastor, the Rev. Ron Davis, said that he requires minors to obtain their parents' consent to be baptized, but he added: "Sometimes 16-year-olds look like 18 years. We did the best we could."

The "He/She looked 18!" defense is usually not a winner.

Crappy Drivers

Saw the remains of this on my way to work this morning:
Police are looking for two people who fled the scene after their SUV smashed into an apartment building in Inglewood.

Two other people who were in the vehicle were taken to a local hospital.

If you leave two people behind, your chances of making a clean getaway are pretty slender, so I can only guess that these people are either truly incompetent or already have strong reasons to hide from the authorities.