September 11th, 2009

glycerol and oleic acid

It came from the journals...

"... when the research submersible Alvin sank more than 1500 meters after a cable snapped. The crew of three escaped safely through the hatch, but their lunches were left behind. When the vessel was recovered 10 months later, the crew was surprised to find their stranded, soaked bologna sausage sandwhiches and apples in nearly pristine condition, showing no sign of microbial decay."

[Unfortunately, the article isn't freely available, because it has a picture of said sandwich, with the caption: "This sandwich spent months at the bottom of the ocean."]

The Norwegian Danish Blue aka Mopsitta tanta, a 55 million year old fossil parrot was discovered "at an opencast mine digging out soft rock for cat litter." It could not have pined for any fjords, as the fjords are a result of a more recent Ice Age.