September 14th, 2009



Saturday was Rock Band: Beatles at Smaug's Lair. For a real Beatles fan... this is definitely a must-have. Forget the game, the animations and photos and other extras alone might be worth it for the devoted fan. As a more casual Beatles fan, it was still a lot of fun, even if I can't sing harmony for shit.

But more importantly, someone buy Jimmy Page a copy of RB:Beatles and try to give him an idea of what RB:LZ could be like.

Sunday was lazy football watching and pizza making.

Today is, well, my first step into a new decade. Over the past ten years, I became a teacher, unbecame a teacher, got a real job, started blogging, (self)-published a book of poetry, got married, bought a house, performed five wedding ceremonies, placd 8th in a Guitar Hero competition, trained Space Cadets & Hogwarts students, drove all over the West, cruised all over the Mediterranean, jumped through fireworks and made homebrew absinthe.

Time to see what's next.

ETA: This is what 40 looks like before a shave and a shower: