November 16th, 2009


Mixed Media

I've played a little more multiplayer Uncharted 2. It has it's pluses and minuses. There are 'boosts' that add bonuses to your character, but they are only available once you've reached a certain level of multiplayer play. So while I have the boost that allows me to carry more ammo, someone else may have the boost that lets you see enemies through walls. Arg. But on the positive side, you can only have 2 boosts enabled at a time, so that hopefully limits the unfairness to some extent.

On the definite plus side, the multiplayer is still really fun. There is a 'plunder' game-mode in which the two teams try to pick up golden idols and return them to their home base. But when you're carrying a treasure, you're really slow and the other team is blasting away at you.

And the other bizarrely addictive thing about multiplayer mode is that the game stores the games as 'video' files, so you can rewatch your exploits. But it's not just a movie of what you saw in the game; you can detach the camera from your character and just roam around watching the action from wherever you like. If you're of an artistic bent, you can add fog and lighting effects, go sepia-toned and tilt the camera a few degrees for that artsy look. About the only thing I'd tweak on it is that, although the movie highlights your teammates with a username halo over their head, the enemy players don't have them and more infuriating... your own character doesn't have one. So if you wander off with the camera and want to find yourself again, it's not easy.

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