November 27th, 2009



Thanksgiving went off smoothly. We hosted mom and the stepdad, and Dr. Pookie went all out in the making of pork loin, green beans, stuffing, and various horse doovers. The visit was short but sweet, and the food turned out great.
Later I may have smooshed my face too deeply into Winston the Hairy Zeppelin, because I had hours of sneezing and a crushing headache. Fortunately, it had dissipated by morning. Usually I'm not too badly affected, but -- if you'll allow me to get a bit catty -- he's a bit dandruffy at the moment.
Spent some time battling with Time Warner Cable over the internet service, of the usual okay-everyone-get-out-of-the-car variety. Surprisingly, the tech sounded competent and the process was not as long and infuriating as usual. Data speed is back to mostly awesome, though I still have not completely reconnected all of the elements of my Rube Goldberg contraption back to its full complexity. I have some trepidation about doing so, because if the problem returns, then it's the Apple wireless doodad after all. And I don't want the problem to be the wireless doodad. So if I don't check it, it can't possibly be the wireless doodad that's the problem. My logic is impeccable.