December 26th, 2009


Happy Boxing Day

Enjoyed the Company Christmas lunch and the Secret Santa-age. I received that most Christmas-sy of winter movies, The Shining, on Blu-Ray. Christmas Eve was spent with jason_brez, who prepared a magnificent choucroute, aided and abetted by gourmet porkulous products courtesy of kyrialyse.
Christmas morning we opened our presents. Plenty of thoughtful and/or tasty gifts from family and friends and Dr. Pookie got me a new iPod shuffle that's the size of a large afterdinner mint. Then a little cookie baking, for which I contributed some stirring and mixing. In the afternoon, we travelled out to Brea for dinner with mom & stepdad & a few more presents to open. A fine dinner & visit, and we got to play with their kitties some. Came home with a ziggurat of tupperwares of leftovers, so we won't starve over the cruel winter hours.
A few hours of book-reading with our toes warmed by the festive whoosh of the gas heater. A fine day, all in all.
For this evening, off to the Magic Castle!