April 8th, 2010


California Nazis? I hate California Nazis

The National Socialist Movement is going to march and rally at LA's City Hall on the 17th.

Naturally, a response is planned, which ranges from the relatively sane sounding, to the less so, though I do appreciate the adjuration to join the Wobblies or the Black Riders Liberation Party. Fight fascism with communism? Hey, it worked for Stalin.

But honestly, I think the counterprotest will do little more than to reward the Nazis. They expect to be vilified, and (like the Westboro Baptists) receive it as their due. Confrontation simply shows these nutcases how America is in the grip of the Zionist conspiracy (and its non-white lackeys). And the counterprotesters will feel invigorated by fighting off Nazism, which clearly on the rise and will sweep the nation if it weren't for the counterprotesters. And the Nazis will feel invigorated by being important enough to be fought.

Personally... I'd like to protest the Nazis with the Blues Brothers Rhythm & Blues Review performing "(He's a) Soul Man" while an Obama impersonator leads a cast of dozens in a choreographed dance routine in the middle of Spring Street. But that's probably just me.

In related news, the KKK does not approve of the activities of the Westboro Baptists. (spotted by Neph and PZ)