April 19th, 2010


One step closer to "Ow My Balls!" -or- LARP in the news

GMA had a story this morning on 'unschooling'. Beyond homeschooling, unschooling is where the kids get no formal instruction, and the responsibility for whatever they may or may not learn is on them. Sort of Montessori method, but without any obligation for the teacher/parent to provide any support. Apparently, this is perfectly legal in some states.
Anyway, the first sight we have of the kids they profile is them having a boffer fight in the front yard with mom. The son is wearing a 'Heroes Wanted' t-shirt, with a definite LARPy look. Google-stalking mom is more productive; she's associated with a LARP-based day and summer camp for kids, also plugged near the bottom of a website of workshop activities for unschoolers. Her unschooling blog hasn't been updated much recently, apparently because Facebook is taking more of her time nowadays, but this is my favorite entry.

Reminding myself

I've been remiss in my coverage of the LA Times Festival of Books this coming weekend, but here's the author rundown (filtered through essentialsaltes-colored glasses).

Buzz Aldrin
Pseudonymous Bosch (the name caught my eye -- looks promising for gifts for the nephew)
Carol Burnett
Sean Carroll (But is it B or M?)
Bret Easton Ellis
Pam Grier
George Johnson (assuming that's George Clayton Johnson)
Mike Mignola
Carl Reiner
Joseph Wambaugh
Herman Wouk

other knights appearing in this film:
Wil Wheaton
R.L. Stine
Sarah Silverman
Alicia Silverstone
Reduced Shakespeare Company
Louis Gossett Jr.
James Ellroy
Mark Danielewski