May 30th, 2010

atheist teacher

There's plenty of places where it's worse to be an atheist

In the Maldives, a man "was assaulted Friday evening, after he declared his atheist status to the public during the Q&A session of a lecture given by visiting Indian scholar Dr Zakir Naik. ... Nazim’s question sparked comments of hatred from an angry crowd of around 11,000 with many calling to kill him and attack him, while Naik was answering the question. ... A Police media official said Nazim received several minor injuries. He is in custody at an undisclosed location, the official added Saturday afternoon."

I'm glad the religious authorities and the speaker were voices of calm, but I'm a little less certain about the speaker's response to the man: “The problem with you is that you are extra-smart. Being smart is good, [but] being extra-smart is not good."

In a kind of odd followup to the fired Catholic school teacher story, there's this Canadian story of how the Catholic church is growing as teachers convert to Catholicism in order to compete for jobs at Catholic schools: "'I haven't gone for my, um, what do you call it the bread thing yet...Communion. I'm nervous about it,' she added."


Maxicon is still going on at popepat's house, but I packed all my Maxiconage into Saturday. All hail Pope Pat.
I ran a mutated version of Casino Arcane. My main personal goal was to get prepared for Casino Arcana at WyrdCon. See what needed to be tweaked (maybe a couple of powers) and to get my eyes retrained to spot Tarot poker hands without staring at them forever.
The added mutation was that the players came as characters, famous wizards from books or other media, and that part of the game was to guess the identity of the other players. Guessing someone's identity gave you 2 spell points, while having your identity guessed gave you 1 spell point, so that you had an incentive to have your secret identity guessed (and to force you to do a little role-playing). I think that worked much better than I feared, and maybe better than I expected, to add a little party-game atmosphere to the proceedings.
Ultimately, Sabrina the Teen Witch (mewatson) wound up with the victory, having defeated Ron Weasley, Dr. Strange, Byron Orpheus, Elminster, and Tellah.

Then Maxicon turned into Dresdencon for me, which is kind of funny since I'm a bit ambivalent about the first two books (but of course everyone keeps telling me that things really get interesting in book 3... or maybe book 5 at the latest). Anyway, Ken ran the new Dresden Files RPG. It's kind of a neat system that has elements that help promote group storytelling. We finished off the character creation, which was sort of a group storytelling excercize -- it took a bit too long for a con game, but was still an interesting process in itself. But there was still enough time to do a little investigation, kick some ass, and save the day.

Finally, Graydon & notjenschiz ran a DresdenLARP. Collapse )