June 6th, 2010


Family Treasures

Dad and Lois dropped by yesterday morning. They'd been looking for rocks for their garden and found only expensive boutique rocks behind the Orange Curtain ... $75 sounded a bit steep for a rock. The Goth Gardener suggested they come visit her source for hard rock. So we had breakfast at the Truxton Bistro and then moved on to the house that rock built. Lois was like a kid in a candy shop, inspecting all the varieties of rock on display. They came away with something like 150 pounds of rock for $27. I have a feeling Lois will be sending all her friends out to our neck of the woods... it's like the fashion district of rocks.

Much of the discussion revolved around Grandma and Grandpa's move to the assisted living facility. Seems to be a nice place and Grandpa sounded happy when I talked to him. Dad helped out a lot (a lot) with the move and preparing the house for sale. Anyway, Dad also delivered a packet of family treasures & mementos to us, many with a numismatic bent that ensured they would come to me. Some are easily explained, some less so. I'll have to call G&G and see if I can get some explanation for things like the 8 inch length of gilded barbed wire marked SF. Other items:

A money clip with a Morgan Dollar.
A Sieges Thaler (Victory Dollar commemorating the end of the Franco-Prussian War) that's been criminally tooled into a pendant. On the back is a monogram and a date of 1890.
An Akron Transit Company token 'good for one city fare'.
a 1948 1/10 Gulden from Curacao.
A pretty moss agate pendant
A bit of amber complete with prehistoric gnat.
A most excellent question mark tie-tack.
A teeny-tiny German calender from 1893, about the size of the little books you'd get in Cracker Jack.
And four letters to Grandma and Grandpa from tiny essentialsaltes.Collapse )