June 14th, 2010


Wyrd Con Recap

Friday I packed up the car with gear, game, liquor and citrus fruits, and headed down to Wyrd Con. I delivered stuff to the ELGL suite, which is almost better described as an imperial bathroom, with attached suite. It was a great space, and it's amazing how much better the ambience is for a LARP in such a space, compared with the cavernous empty boxes in the hotel. At least for a LARP where the setting is amenable.

So having delivered stuff to the bar for M. Beauregard's Speakeasy (and my own game, make no mistake) I was too jittery and anxious about running Casino Arcana to think straight, much less attempt to enjoy a LARP. So I hung out with citizenbrown & Chris for a while in the adjoining room. Chun and I later went down to get something to eat in the hotel restaurant. britgeekgrrl breezed by and joined us for a bit, also demonstrating the symptoms of being too jittery and anxious about running her event to think straight. But she still managed to cast Chun and brief him.

On the way back up, we stopped by the designer relations booth and dealt with a problem that Chun had. Ira was near at hand, and he swiftly solved the problem by fiat, while Jessica(?) ably provided efficient and concerned help. Chun felt special (and I felt special vicariously) and my esteem for the organizers grew enormously (my pity/sympathy for them was already at a historic high -- better you than me, my friends).

I dithered for a few more minutes until Beauregard wrapped, snuck in and got changed into my suit during the wrap-up. The crowd was very enthusiastic -- it was a big hit. And I nearly plotzed when I saw Larry Niven there. Larry Niven LARPed in one of our games. We win.

Happily, we dispersed the crowd more or less on time, and set to work setting things up for Casino Arcana. I got myself set-up, and casketgirl worked her butt off to clean things up. For a while the door was still open and extremely-creepy-vibe dude wandered around for a bit. Don't know if he was looking to steal something, or just to sniff a freshly used furry costume, or what, but we eventually shut everyone out while we cleaned and set up.

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