July 18th, 2010


The toilets flush the other way too

Our friends in the Southern Hemisphere have been busy in their strange upside-down lands.

Argentina has legalized same sex marriage, and in a nice Northern Hemisphere touch, Mexico City is offering a free honeymoon to the first Argentine couple to take advantage of that right.

Australia's new PM is an atheist. "Pollster Gary Morgan, of Roy Morgan Research, says the PM's atheism hasn't been an issue." Kudos to the reporter for not just talking to the predictable angry Christbot, but also canvassing the witch demographic.

(toilets do not actually flush the other way - the Coriolis Force has virtually no effect on something the size of a toilet bowl)
unleash the furry

Labyrinth of Jareth

Wow. It's such a neat event when the main attraction is the other attendees. (not to diss the entertainment provided by the awesome boymaenad, the awesome League of Steam, the awesome Wandering Marionettes, and the awesome non-distaff half of castle_kevorah -- the organized and semi-organized diversions were also fantastic).

Most of the evening's memory is just a pleasant phantasmagoria of milling and/or dancing with Doctor Pookie among the myriad costumes. And random bumpings into the distaff half of castle_kevorah, colleenky, aaronjv, hagdirt, chartreusekitty, michaelar, Lee, Alex, Morgan...

It was funny drifting by the League of Steam. It was, like, 'Oh, you're going to role-play at us? It's on.' Doctor Pookie managed to talk her way into helping demonstrate the net thrower, as the nettee. Out of the 1500 costumes there, mine probably ranked around #1350 or so, so I was bewildered when someone wanted to take a picture of me. She shouted "Flowers!" at me, and asked for a picture. I was wearing a crown of braided flowers, and she was sporting an effulgence of flowers in her own costume, so I imagine she was trying to collect pictures of all of her fellow flower-people. I expect my face in that photo expresses bewilderment combined with all-my-friends-have-just-been-swallowed-by-the-multitude.

And then there were 1,000 costumes, each better than the last.

A quick post-Jareth drink with A&K, a drive home, a shower to de-makeup, de-sparkle, and de-hair-color, and then to bed.

ETA: As a testament to the experience, I think that the whole time I wandered about LoJ, there was a grin or smile plastered on my face. 'This is great! Everything I'm looking at is amazing!'