August 13th, 2010


"unequivocal deception"

SciAm reports on a GAO investigation into nutritional supplements.

The GAO sent undercover staff members to ask common questions of supplement retailers, using consumers over the age of 65 because most of them take prescription medication with which a supplement could interact. The seniors’ inquiries included: Is ginkgo biloba safe to take with aspirin? Can ginseng fend off cancer? What about replacing prescribed blood pressure medication with garlic supplements?

The queries got resounding yes’s from supplement sales staffs, the GAO found—but they are big no’s per the National Institutes of Health. A combination of ginkgo and aspirin can increase the risk of internal bleeding. Ginseng has not been scientifically proved to cure any diseases and should be avoided for those with breast and uterine cancers, according to the NIH. Garlic has not been shown to significantly lower high blood pressure—and supplements are not intended to replace prescribed drugs.

Even better: "Of the 40 herbal supplements tested for the GAO investigation, 37 contained trace levels of at least one hazardous compound. Other analyses have found contaminants that include steroids and even active pharmaceuticals"


"Jesus hates Muslims," they screamed at worshippers arriving at the Masjid An-Noor mosque to prepare for the holy month of Ramadan. One protester shoved a placard at a group of young children leaving the mosque. "Murderers," he shouted.

Sure, it's just a few nuts. A Tea Party party here, a 'refudiate' there, and the occasional full-blown "terrorists' monkey god". We laugh (sadly) at the ignorant malapropism-laden nattering of these idiots, but their star seems to be rising, and once they gag the loudest of their nuts, more competent prose stylists will be pushing their familiar talking points...
Muslim hatred today is as strong as it ever was. He who does not submit is their enemy. The Muslim hates the enemy with all his heart and with all the strength of his satanic soul. That is what the “holy” books of the Muslims say. Every Muslim, regardless of whether he lives in France or America, whether he speaks Russian or Spanish, whether he lives in the slums or on Wall Street, thinks and feels as the Koran commands him.

Now there is war! The Muslims forced us into a struggle for life and death. The war has forced us to give up much we formerly thought was necessary. It has also forced us to give up the “politeness” that in reality is a weakness. A boxer in the ring must use his fists to defend himself against his opponent. A fencer can only win when he uses his sword. We as a people will survive this war only if we eliminate weakness and “politeness” and respond to the Muslims with an equal hatred. We must always keep in mind what the Muslim wants today, and what he plans to do with us. If we do not oppose the Muslims with the entire energy of our people, we are lost. But if we can use the full force of our soul that has been released by the Tea Party revolution, we need not fear the future. The devilish hatred of the Muslims plunged the world into war, need and misery. Our holy hate will bring us victory and save all of mankind.