August 23rd, 2010


natal festivities

Had a great time at jsadler's birthday shindig. We hadn't seen their new digs before, so we got to tour the palatial estate. Very cool place. Plenty of good BBQ and friends on tap, and Amy's amazing cake creation. Got to chase rugrats/be chased by rugrats, though the heat really counterindicated such a course of activity. But it was all worth it to hoist crumbgrabbers by their stick-like limbs and whirl them about dangerously. Got a little taste of an element of giantsdance's Trail of the Necronomicon scavenger hunt game for the West Hollywood Book Fair. I puzzled and puzzled til my puzzler was slightly ache-y. I solved it, but it was demoralizing to see Jay shred through it with both hands tied behind his back.
And just generally cool to hang with a broad cross-section of friends and gab about this and that. People should get older more often!